Silica Sewing Thread

The silica fabric of the sewing thread means it has a high tensile strength which provides it with excellent sewing properties. The sewing thread has a high heat resistance. Its continuous working temperature reaches 1000oC and its instant working temperature reaches 1400oC.



 Silica Sewing Thread

Examples of Application:

  • Used in manufacturing operations to make up garments etc from silica fibre cloth
  • Used for sealing and insulating products
  • Used in sewing safety clothing, gloves, welding and fire blankets

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Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Cloth

Glass fibre cloth is coated with vermiculite which increases the temperature resistance up to 1000oC due to its high insulating properties.

Silica Fibre Cloth

The silica fabric yarn of the cloth is highly flexible. It has a high heat resistance up to 1000°C continuous working temperature and 1200oC short-term working temperature. It is also useful in filtering molten metals.

Glass Fibre PTFE Coated Sewing thread

Glass Fibre sewing thread coated with PTFE provides high heat resistance and flexibility. Ideal for sewing heat resistant fabrics and protective wear.

Ceramic Fibre Cloth

Ceramic fibre cloth is made from a bio-soluble fabric and is reinforced with stainless steel wire. It is heat resistant, able to withstand high temperatures reaching up to 1100oC / 2000oF.