Heat Resistant Paint Spray

High Temperature Spray Paint for painting furnaces, heaters, barbecues, boilers, pipes and all types of equipment relating to high temperatures.Temperature resistant spray paints are based on silicone resin and come in aerosol form. The contents of 400 ml can will cover approximately 1.5 sq. metres. 

They are used to coat various hot surfaces such as the tops of stoves and ovens, and give a sleek decorative finish. The heat proof paints are also resistant against corrosion.The spray paints resist high temperatures reaching 800oC /1470oF
The high temperature lacquers do not break down at high temperatures, but it is important to note, that they will not protect the surface beneath from fire or serious damage. Therefore, its function is to provide an insulating coating on various surfaces including stoves and ovens.

 The paint is based on silicone resin and is heat resistant to 800oC (1470oF). 

Heat Resistant Paint Spray - Vitcas

Available colours:

  • black
  • white
  • cream/beige
  • red
  • silver